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Greetings from the New Forest August 2012

Greetings from the New Forest!

Apologies for the late post this month, we have been in a whirl of weddings, with 4 already this month. Lots of lovely, lovely bride and grooms- but more of that next month 🙂 July saw our first marquee wedding with lots of planning and fair weather on our side it was a success. Transporting all the food outside and remaining hot and perfectly cooked went well and I think Robert, Mark & Vaida are a bit stronger too, after lugging those function tables about.

July also saw us celebrate our 1 year anniversary owning the Woodlands Lodge. We celebrated in style with a staff family BBQ and a few drinks! It has been a good year lots of lessons learnt but we are pleased that we are still in good spirits and raring to go- and in possession of a lot more knowledge. We have achieved so much and are very proud of ourselves and the staff who have helped us achieve significant improvements in the hotel. Although no time to rest on our laurels September will see a return to the refurbishment schedule….

Overall, July was a mixed month highs being the beautiful weddings but the lows being the incessant rain and so the hotel was not as full as it could have been, although the start of August has seen  more bookings and better weather so fingers crossed it continues.

The New Forest Show was in July and we had a place in the Best of British cookery demo and despite a shaky start- our chefs were late as they were caught up in show traffic at the entrance and I was standing at the demo station practically having a heart attack! But It all went well and John Oyaro head chef was as cool as a cucumber as usual. Under such pressure I would barely been able to boil a kettle, so top effort chaps.

July has also been about a lot of behind the scenes planning, I have been working on our Christmas packages and leaflets – it seems so early- but unlike last year this year I am super prepared!!!!

We have our Open day coming up in August, it is to celebrate our 1 year at the helm and show everybody what we have been doing. I wish I had taken some before and after pics!!!!!

Apart from all this Robert and I had a great break away in France, our first proper holiday of the year and we are now home, rested and looking forward to the year ahead of us.

We hope to see you at our open day or to stay very soon

Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret

Greetings from the New Forest July 2012

Greetings from the New Forest!

So, I thought that this month was pretty uneventful until I thought about it. It all started with the Jubilee weekend, which despite the weather was a great success. We had a special Jubilee inspired menu on the Sunday and a fantastic BBQ on the Monday- amazingly the skies cleared in the evening and it was a bit chilly but a lovely evening! We were fully booked for the weekend and the hotel had a great atmosphere.

We also received a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, this is given to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding reviews on trip advisor, apparently about 10% of accommodations listed on trip advisor receive this award, so we were very proud and it’s been put on our wall of achievement in reception- along with our rosette and food reviews J

We finished room 2 and are so pleased with the results, especially the double shower. I have posted some pictures on facebook so please take a look!

We have also changed the bed and toilet in room 16. I was worried we were not going to get this finished, although we managed to do it with a few days to spare. The reason for the rush, was we had a wedding at the end of the month and the groom needed the new bed and loo as he is disabled and would not have been able to use the previous one, so I am very happy that it’s all sorted.

I am on the sub committee for the New Forest Tourism Association Wedding Showcase and we started planning this event this month, it’s scheduled to take place on the 24th February 2013. It is a great event to see a lot of wedding venues in the area all on one day. We took part last year and had a lot of lovely couples come to see us and even got some bookings too.

The New Forest Tourism Association is also hosting a Conference Showcase in October and we will be taking part in this event and so this month I started to prepare our literature- I have not seen the final printed leaflets yet but I hope they will be back from the printers soon.

We have also started making preparations for our open day on 27th August. We hope to host a day to show everybody what we have achieved in the last 12 months and so please come and see us. I will put more details on the website soon!

You will also see that our website photos have changed. So happy that everybody can see the newly painted hotel and also how beautiful the garden is looking. It’s been our first June here and I can’t believe how wonderful the rhododendrons looked- and also how short their season is, quite disappointing that the flowers are already disappearing!

We also celebrated 2 fabulous weddings this month and we send all our best wishes to our gorgeous couples and we hope you will come back soon. I am missing our e mail chats.

Well, that’s about all, not bad for what I thought was a slow news month! Let’s hope that the Sun shines for July and look forward to welcoming you soon to the hotel.

Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret

Greetings from the New Forest June!

Greetings from the New Forest!

May has been our best month since we took over the hotel! We have had a brilliant month and everyone at Woodlands Lodge is looking forward to the rest of the summer!

First cause for celebration was that the monsoonesque weather of April subsided and we were able to finish painting the hotel exterior- after 6 weeks we are absolutely delighted with the results! The whole hotel looks wonderfully crisp and clean! Our photographer is coming next week to take some photos to update our website.

Secondly we received an absolutely fantastic food review in Solent life magazine.

Next, came our surprise AA inspection, the hotel and restaurant fared very well. Best news first- we received an AA rosette for our restaurant for its outstanding food. A huge boost in confidence to the kitchen and we really feel that our drive towards local and seasonally produce is being recognised. It also confirms our belief that the food in the restaurant is delicious!!!

The rest of the hotel did well in the inspection too! With a respectable 78% overall merit score(country average is 77%). We excelled in hospitality and service with a special mention to Mark our General Manager who the inspector was very impressed! There is still much to do to restore the full va va voom to this country house hotel but it was so
pleasing that all our efforts and commitment to the hotel have been recognised!
The report has given us all a boost but it was great to hear staff saying that
we must not rest on our laurels as we need to keep going!!!

Well, we have not stopped yet! This month we embarked on the overflow car park, which 40 tonnes of scalping later was finished! And looks great, although after this weekend we may have to define the spaces!

We have also started to refurbish room 2. This is one of our eves bedrooms and we are going for a modern country house feel, in keeping with the other rooms on the top floor. This room is also going to be another dog friendly bedroom, due to the large space under the eves only best used by our four legged friends! We aim to finish this room in the next 2 weeks.

I think we will be ready for the summer and wedding season as soon as this bedroom is finished!

We also wish to introduce Alane our new vegetable gardener, who has just started but already introducing us to seasonal meat as well as vegetables so we look forward to embracing this more in the coming months.

The weather over the past few weeks has been absolutely brilliant and I can’t imagine anywhere better to be!

Take care and look forward to welcoming you soon!

Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret

Greetings from the New Forest May

Greetings from the New Forest!

So, how much rain could April give us??? Not the ideal weather to paint the outside of the hotel, so after 3 weeks we have almost done the back! VERY frustrating!! I have to say though what has been done looks absolutely fantastic. The green and cream combination looks good together- I knew it would- but it’s still a huge relief.

We have had a good month, with Easter seeing a fully booked hotel , a great conference from Natural England- even though the rain put pay to their bat catching they were a great group and we also had the pleasure of hosting  a lovely wedding too so we have not let the rain dampen our spirits!

We also welcomed a new member of staff- Emma Osborne is our newest General Assistant. This is her first hotel job and so I am sure that she feels very overwhelmed at the moment but the rest of the team are excellent teachers and so I am sure that she will be a seasoned pro in no time! On the other hand she should be able to provide us an insight into horses and tell us how we can convert our stables, as she has previously always worked with horses. What a wonderful addition it would be to be able to bring our horse with you to Woodlands Lodge?

We have also had some REALLY REALLY fantastic news- the AA inspected the hotel and we have been awarded an AA rosette for our restaurant. The whole Woodlands team has worked so hard to improve the menu, the choice and quality of food produced so we are all incredibly proud of this award. We hope that it is the start of great things
for the restaurant! I think our kitchen garden and being able to produce and serve our own home grown food has also helped to achieve this fantastic award.

We have some more vegetable and poultry courses coming up in June and July and so why not combine a course with your weekend away? See the website for more dates and details.

We have also received a glowing restaurant review in the Magazine Solent Life, which has also given us a real boost and hopefully it shows everyone that we are open to residents and non-residents.

We are awaiting the rest of the AA inspectors report so our fingers are crossed! I will update you next month…

We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel soon

Take care

Imogene Anglaret


Greetings from the New Forest – April

Greetings from the New Forest!

The beginning of April seems to have started where March left off, with absolutely clear blue sky and sunshine. Absolutely fantastic!

March started slowly with us unfortunately having to lose one of our General Assistants, so this put extra pressure on everyone as well as putting our refurbishment plans back a bit, as it has been all hands on deck. Our advert for a new General Assistant went out in last Fridays Lymington Times and so far we have had a great response, so fingers crossed we will find someone who is a perfect fit soon- I’ll keep you posted!

Also, we have had to get some of our drains replaced this month, not very fun and not in the schedule, nevertheless essential!!! And the lovely chaps from drain line have done a great job. One silver lining to come out of this is that our new overflow car park got the jump start it needed in being transformed from desolate bramble waste land to levelled bramble free earth, so we should be able to get this finished very soon and It will stop being the eye saw of the Woodlands Lodge 🙂

The middle to end of the month saw a change in our fortunes, with a wonderful mothering Sunday lunch- the restaurant was full and we had a lot of happy mothers leave us! We hope to welcome you all back soon.

We also hosted our first wedding of 2012, weddings are always a pleasure and we send our best wishes to the happy couple. It was also a month in which we welcomed back a previous bride and groom, although this time to celebrate some special birthdays! We have also held a 60th Wedding Anniversary party – wow & congratulations are the only words that seem appropriate and what a lovely event to be a part of.

We have  just introduced our Spring menu into the restaurant and can’t wait for you to all come down and let us know what you think. Do take a walk around our vegetable
garden when you next visit- no doubt you will see someone working in there (feel free to ask how it’s going) and then when you are in the restaurant you can see the produce served, we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far.

See you soon!

Imogene Anglaret


PS only 10 days until our hotel starts to be painted- colours chosen, classic cream with a beautiful forest green for the window frames, adios yellow

Greetings From the New Forest – March 2012

Well, I have spent the first few days of this month walking in the forest absolutely fantastic! Bring on the Spring and Summer…. Good bye cold winter!

February has disappeared in a flash, but has been full of progress on getting the hotel up to speed for Summer. The hall way has been finished and looks great we were even able to stop the floor boards creaking, so we can keep the charm without the niggles! We have also upgraded some of the bathrooms and taken to each room with a check list to make sure they are all as good as they can be- a long task but a worthy one and all the little things like cushions on the conservatory chairs and suitable bathroom bins have been added. Clearly, we still have a way to go until we can sit back and relax although I have a feeling that it will be a project like the Severn Bridge!! However, it’s not daunting us and we have got the painters coming in later this month to start on
the outside of the hotel!

The garden has not escaped our touches either and all the trees have had a haircut, some of them more so than others, but it all looks a lot neater and well maintained! We also have firewood for the next year all sorted.

The vegetable garden is also taking shape and we will now be reaping the rewards of hat we have sown- it’s leeks all round!!!  It’s the first of many vegetables and lots
more to come in the next 8 weeks assures John Trim! Chickens are also going strong.

We have enjoyed a successful Valentine’s Day at the hotel and we dined in the restaurant ourselves and can confirm that the food was absolutely sublime, well done John, Simon and Nick! Now we are looking forward to Mother’s day and already have quite a few bookings for lunch, so don’t delay and come and join us too.

Well, that’s about all to bring everyone up to date on February from Woodlands Lodge. We hope to see you soon.

Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret




Greetings from the New Forest – February 2012

Greetings from the New Forest!

I hope that the New Year is going well and the New Year’s resolutions are holding up! Our New Year has started well with January being nice and busy, our 3 for 2 dinner, bed and breakfast has been a real success. We have continued it into February and also March, so we hope to see you soon.

Our New Year resolution of refurb and regeneration has got off to a good start with the first floor hall undergoing a transformation. Hopefully our guests will excuse the slight disruption and I can’t wait to see the final result I am hoping it will be much lighter and brighter. A few more bathrooms and the outside paint job are on our hit list before high

We have also hosted our first vegetable gardening course which went really well, good work John and we look forward to hosting the poultry course next time!

We have also been lucky enough to have a great write up in the dining section of the New Forest Society magazine. It’s so nice to get a good review on our food as we think it is fantastic and hopefully we can entice more local people into giving our restaurant a go 🙂 – it will be in next month’s magazine so please keep an eye out for it.

We have also had positive feedback from the reviewers at you and Your Dog magazine, which is also great as we pride ourselves in being pet friendly and this shows we are doing alright! The article will appear in April’s issue.

It’s not all been plain sailing though, as we had a nightmare with our fire alarm shorting (despite it being serviced that same week!) and going off very very early one morning- made worse by the fact the hotel was full and everyone had to evacuate into the car park! We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused by this, and I can assure you we
have had the engineer out to ensure this never happens again…. But it is so
disappointing, as it has taken the edge off what I hope was a lovely weekend.

Have a fantastic February everybody and I hope you can take advantage of our DBB deals or come and whisk your loved one off their feet this Valentines and treat them to a meal or stay with us this month.

The weather is crisp and the forest is still looking beautiful even in the depths of winter so we hope to see you soon.

Take care

Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret


 PS. Our little boy is doing really well after a shaky start and we are all adjusting nicely to life as a family of 4! xx

Greetings from the New Forest- January 2012

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that 2012 has started
well for you. We had a fantastic start to the year as our 2nd baby
was born at 02.15 on the 1st January 2012! Our little boy was the
first baby to be born in the area in 2012 and of course we are absolutely
delighted. It did however mean a little disruption to our New Year’s Eve plans
with Robert being called away from the Hotels New Year’s Eve gala dinner but
luckily Vaida was able to host a fabulous evening without us.

The festive season for us was lovely, the hotel looked great
with the Christmas decorations up and we even lit the fire for the first time
on Christmas night, which definitely added to the Christmas charm at Woodlands.
I must say a big thank you to our Christmas guests as their presence made our
first Christmas at Woodlands one to remember. I particularly enjoyed our
rendition of the 12 days of Christmas on Christmas Eve…. Luckily there is no
video footage!!

Our Christmas lunch was also delicious and I think our 75 Christmas
lunchers will agree that it was a great lunch with a great atmosphere.

I can’t believe we are already in the middle of January…
well I suppose that’s what a new baby does to the brain! However we have our
first kitchen garden course at the end of the month, which we are looking
forward to.

We have a lot of great seasonal offers at the moment, so
check out our website offers page and come and visit us very soon.

Once again, Happy New Year and we wish you health and
happiness for 2012.

Imogene Anglaret


Greetings from the New Forest- December

Wow 25 days until Christmas and I can’t wait! The first of
the decorations went up today and I think I will go tree shopping tomorrow so
it will look beautiful by the weekend!

Christmas is my favourite time of year and I hope we can create
the magic of Christmas when you visit us at Woodlands Lodge.

Our Christmas lunch has sold out, except to hotel residents
and there are still a few rooms remaining, so get in touch with us soon and
book your stay and come and experience our truly classic country house Christmas!
With so many guests the atmosphere should be brilliant. We are also serving
Christmas party lunches and dinners for all sizes of groups throughout December
and January so book now to celebrate the festive season with friends and

The winter menu has been going incredibly well and we have
received some very positive feedback, and some may say it’s our best menu yet!
It is a menu that really utilises our fabulous seasonal local ingredients.

We also had a great response to the wedding show case we
held on the 20th November with 18 new couples visiting us, and
several positive enquiries resulting from the day. I must say a huge thank you
to our lovely suppliers who made the day possible for us as well as everybody
who took the time to come and visit us. It was so pleasing that we had such a
positive response, as it shows our rebranding and re working our literature,
packages and the way we host weddings is what people would like and we can’t
wait to start hosting more weddings.

We also have continued to work on our vegetable patch,
although now we are in the being patient part of the process, which is no
fun!!! I can’t wait to see the final produce….
We also still have a couple of spaces on our January vegetable course-
please see the website for more info.

Our refurbishment plan also started in November and although
slightly disruptive I am so pleased with the results. Room 10 is now looking
amazing, the new bathroom suite, tiles and paint look fresh and classic and the
new wallpaper brings the whole room to life. A big pat on the back to Kevin who
has worked hard to get us these results whilst being so careful to minimise any
disruption. Room 7 is almost there and hopefully in my next blog I can tell you
how the finished article looks- although the new carpet is dream like to walk

Overall November was a good month with 3 fabulous weddings
and the forest looking gorgeous, especially our big tree near the paddock, in
glorious yellow, orange and gold I don’t think any of our guests have been able
to resist falling in love with it.

I will next be writing in the New Year – 2012 here we come!
We hope to see you for New Year- we are offering a great evening of sumptuous
dining and entertainment, see the website for more details!

From all of us at Woodlands Lodge have a very, very Merry
Christmas and we wish you all health and happiness for the New Year.

See you soon

Imogene Anglaret


PS – Apologies if my next blog is a little delayed, as I am
expecting to give birth to our second baby around the 1st of January……
just to add a little more spice to the festive period!!

Greetings from the New Forest November


vas well as beautiful Winchester and its renowned Christmas Market- starting this month. Or visit Lymington and mooch round its boutique shops- a brilliant Saturday craft market is perfect for buying one off presents.

We also still have some availability to stay with us over Christmas and offering a fabulous 25% off per person on all our Christmas packages. Please see the festive offers section on the website for full details.

Our new bathrooms are to be fitted next week, and I can’t wait to see what they look like. We have also got our New Year winter refurb schedule sorted for minimum disruption and we are about the book the painters so we are in line for our Spring paint for the outside of the hotel. We now just have to decide on a colour for the window frames- all suggestions welcome!!!

We are getting organised for our wedding showcase on 20th November 2011, we have some fantastic flowers organised to show off our rooms to their best courtesy of Jill Stagg-we have tall and short displays to really give our couples something to think about. As well as having other great suppliers assisting us, for example, Lesley Way is making us a cake and Quality marquees have lent us their chair covers helping us make this a wedding show case to remember. Please drop in any time between 10 am and 5pm and we will be on hand to show you round and answer any questions.

Our vegetable patch is going really well- please check out our photos on facebook. We have also got an exciting 1 day course arranged for January – have a look at the website and come along and join us.

We now have leeks and garlic planted and the raised beds are coming along nicely. I hope this rain lets up as we want to erect a new greenhouse this weekend as it won’t be much fun in the rain!

Today we are introducing our winter restaurant menu and it’s one to make your mouth water- look on line for a sneak peak! The venison stew is the dish I can’t wait to eat followed by the sticky toffee pudding – Yum!!! We welcome residents and non-residents to the restaurant daily, so come along and give us a try.

October had its challenges, as we found ourselves without our internet for almost 3 weeks following a BT fault! It’s such a relief to be up and running again. A good lesson learnt though, and contingency plans are now in place, and it really brought it home on how reliant we are these days on the internet!

Anyway, I think that’s all our news from this month.

We hope to see you soon.

Take care & Best wishes

Imogene Anglaret

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