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Greetings from the New Forest December 2012

Greetings from the New Forest

We are all getting into the Christmas Spirit at the moment the decorations are up and our tree looks so good- even though I say it myself. We have gone large this year and have a 10 ft tree which almost touches the ceiling in the restaurant. We also have some beautiful over the fire place wreaths and another lovely although somewhat smaller tree in the reception. Tom and Alex are trying to put some more fairy lights in the bar and the conservatory tonight in preparation for this weekend’s party night- can’t wait- although a bit scared as we will be hosting a party for 90 guests-eeek! We have kicked off our party preceding with the lovely people from Long Down Activity farm- we hope you have a lovely evening!

We have had some gorgeous crisp days over the last week and enjoyed lots of walking, although we had a near miss when one of our guests got caught out in the dark after getting lost in the forest and we could not guide them in, eventually we had to call the police! Luckily that’s where the drama ended and they turned up 10 minutes after the police arrived much to everyone’s relief.

The hotel this month has been good, although a lot quieter than October but again gone incredibly quickly- quick aside where has 2012 gone…. It has given us the chance to do several bits and pieces. We now have a lovely new lounge carpet, I smile every time I go into the lounge and I am sure I completely bored some of our guests with my over excitement. We also have finally re done the bathroom in room 15- we now have a shower that works well and a nice new bath, It looks a lot more spacious now the ridiculous spaceman shower has gone!! It is always good to keep moving forward in the rooms. We have also painted through the conservatories to make them fresher and the finished result looks fab. Still, as always a lot of maintenance to do, but we now have a weekly maintenance man and it has already been brilliant to see him crack on with jobs that have been niggling.

We had some frustrations though (as always) when the massive rains of November exposed some leaks in the roof- we thought we had all of these fixed so annoying we still have some roof to fix!!! Luckily nothing ruined apart from the paint on the ceiling but it did feel a little bit like 1 step forward and 2 steps back, but really I think I need to toughen up a bit and not sweat the things I can’t change and work on what we can!

Finally we also welcome Alexander on board, as our new General Assistant. He has only been with us a few weeks but already a real star and has absolutely thrown himself into all the challenges we have thrown at him!

We have a great Christmas program and NYE should be fun too, so I look forward to updating you all in the 2013!!!!

Take care and we hope to see you soon,

Merry Christmas

Imogene Anglaret


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